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funding for crossroads cafe was provided in part... by the departments of education of the states of... california, florida, illinois... and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service.
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pero hace mucho tiempo que no vuelvo a méxico. méxico ha cambiado mucho. ¿ cuánto tiempo se van a quedar por aquí ? volveremos a méxico en dos semanas. i ay, saluden a todos de mi parte ! claro que sí. fue un gusto verte. adiós. adiós. adiós. it's all yours. ¿ qué quieren ustedes, por favor ? i'll have an omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes. i'll have pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs. coming right up. congratulations, katherine. i almost understood what you were saying. very funny.
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it seems like only yesterday that you came here looking for a job. i still remember how confident you were. that wasn't confidence, it was desperation. well, i don't know how we're going to get along without you. oh, but we'll find a way. seriously, katherine, what are you going to do ? well, one thing's for sure-- i'm going to spend a lot more time with my kids; bill wants me to help him with his business projects; and i want to go to law school. i'm only laughing because i can't think of anything more perfect for you. if i had a dollar for every argument we've had, i'd be a millionaire by now. thanks. i think. it's nice to see someone do what they really want to do with their life. oh, jamal, who knows what life has in store for us ? so, mr. brashov, have you hired katherine's replacement ? no. i have decided that this should be katherine's final task at the cafe. oh ! you're joking. - of course he's joking. - not at all. who better than you to find someone who is qualified to step into your shoes ?
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if you say so. i think it's an excellent idea. wait a minute. what if i don't like katherine's choice ? don't worry, rosa. i'll find someone who will make you feel as if i've never left. that's what i'm afraid of. not bad. not bad at all. hey, that's great ! yeah ? yeah, tell him i'll call him back. we got a shot. what do you know ? i think he really likes it. so, does this mean you'll sign us to a contract ? this just means i'm thinking about it. look at this. i hear bands from morning to night, and a lot of them sound promising, just like you. am i missing something ? look, almost anybody can sound good in a recording.
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you push the right buttons, turn the right dials, even i can carry a tune. that's technology. now, the real question is, what is a band going to sound like in front of 20,000 people ? hey, we can play live. come listen to us before you make a decision. now you're talking. where do you play ? well... there's this cool place in town called crossroads cafe. we play there all the time. you ever hear of it ? henry works there after school. i have to admit, i don't handle too many rock stars that are still in school. look, once i sign a record contract, i don't ever want to hear about school again. crossroads cafe. yes, mr. al-jibali is right here. just a moment, please. hello ? abdullah. it's good to hear from you. how are things in cairo ?
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take your time. yeah. really ? that's wonderful. how long are you staying ? well, in that case you must join us for dinner tonight. no, no, no, not at all. i insist. i'll call jihan right away. she'll be so pleased to hear from you. is 7:00 okay ? wonderful. you have our address ? good. good. i'll see you then. good-bye. good-bye, and thank you for your time. i must say, she seemed very qualified. she took to the place the second she walked in. and did you hear of the nice things she said about my specials ? she's perfect. when does she start ? i think i want to talk to a few more candidates before i make up my mind. but that was the 12th person you've interviewed. who are you waiting for, mother teresa ? i just want to find the most qualified person for the job. of course you do. this is katherine's decision, and i'm sure you will find someone soon.
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thank you, mr. brashov. it took less time to build rome. be patient, victor. it will all work out. hey, hold on a minute. aren't you forgetting something ? what do you mean ? i thought we were going to play some chess. don't tell me you're going to back out again. i'm sorry. i haven't gone over the supply order for the week and i still have all those bills to pay. it'll all be waiting for you after the game. - no, i'd better not. - all that work is going to send you to an early grave. i'm sorry, jess. how about friday ? i'll hold you to it. you heard him, everybody. the big game is on friday. what did he mean by "the big game" ? oh, it's always a big game whenever jess thinks he might beat victor brashov. hi. sorry i'm late. i was practicing with my band. you should start practicing coming in on time.
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hey, rosa. remember that record producer i was telling you about ? yes. well, he wants to hear my band perform. that's fantastic ! - so, where are you guys going to play ? - right here. you must be kidding. why ? mr. brashov loves music. absolutely not ! this is a restaurant. i would lose all of my customers with your rock and roll. but we could have the concert after work hours. i could invite a bunch of kids, and who knows ? you may have new customers. henry, don't promise me customers when we both know that will never happen. you're absolutely right, mr. brashov. that was a really stupid idea. i'll just come right out and say it-- i'm in a jam and i really need your help. i don't know, henry. and i promise that when i become a famous rock star and tour all over the world, i'll always give free concerts at crossroads cafe.
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- don't do me any favors. - okay, i'll never give another concert at crossroads cafe. so, can you help me out ? all right, henry. all right ? all right. all right ! - you won't regret this. - i probably will. i can't believe you still remember that. how can i forget ? ah, that was a wonderful meal. i can't tell you how nice it is to see you both again. thank you for inviting me. oh, the pleasure is ours. it's always good to see friends from home. excuse me, please. all part of being a parent. oh, the baby brings us much happiness. how are your children ? ah. growing too quickly. oh. it must be very difficult to leave them when you have to travel so much. i never really traveled so much before,
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but as my chief engineer has left the firm, it has been difficult to meet our deadlines. i'm sorry to hear that. it's too bad that you are no longer available, jamal. you must be joking. it's been so long since i've had a real job, i'm not sure i remember how to read a blueprint. don't be ridiculous. if you were in egypt, i wouldn't hesitate to offer you a job. you are being kind. look, jamal, i respect whatever it is that you do, and if working at the cafe is what you want to do, then so be it. but as your friend i must tell you, it makes me sad to see you waste your talents. i will not shame you by asking you more than once, but i would be honored if you would come back home and accept a job as chief engineer. is the baby all right ? oh, yes. she's sleeping. oh, would you care for more coffee ? in a minute. please have a seat, jihan. there is something we would like to discuss with you.
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[ narrator ] the reasons for coming to the united states to live vary from person to person. but what about the decision to stay ? we asked several immigrants about returning to their native country... and what that decision would mean. going back to iran would be starting from ground zero. my work, my experience, my field, basically, is construction. and at this point going back and starting from ground zero, especially with the level of economy, it's not that great. it's not that i cannot go back home, back to vietnam, but i don't-- i do not really want to go back right now, at this time. mostly because i feel too alienated... from the culture right now.
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i am no longer pure vietnamese. i don't really fit there anymore. now i think in english, and my vocabulary, even though i'm mexican... and i've been living in my country for 25 years and only 10 here, my vocabulary now is mostly in english. so when i go there the communication gets in the middle, because of my way of thinking now and my way of communicating with other people. i'm very used to the american way, in terms of making a living... and the business ways in the united states. and it would be very difficult for me to just move over there... and kind of do what i'm doing now. but being an immigrant is also a process of adjusting. so i would just have to adjust back to certain ways. i have a late meeting this afternoon. can you pick the baby up from the sitter's ?
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of course. i couldn't sleep last night. neither could i. i don't know what to say, jamal. i know that things have not been perfect here, but i feel our lives are getting better. for you, not for me. it's only a question of time. time. time is slipping away, jihan. every day i feel a little less like a man. our child is getting older. one day she will ask what it is i do for a living. will i tell her i am a handyman ? i have tried, but it is no good. if it were not for mr. brashov, i would be completely lost. i know it's not enough, but we're getting by. jihan, jihan, you do not hear me. i cannot do this anymore.
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ready ? and go. here's your beef stroganoff, spaghetti and meatballs, enchiladas rancheras and fried chicken. - that was terrific. - thank you. all right, now let's see where you've worked. well, let's see. there was the yellow rose cafe-- i was there five years; jerry's seafood diner, two years; and dolores' mexican cantina, seven months. my daughter was in a hurry to be born. any experience with ethiopian food ? - not really. - cambodian ? - no. - icelandic ? - i'm afraid not. - hmm. i didn't see all that on the menu. but with rosa's cooking, you'll never know. well, i'm sure i'll get the hang of it very quickly. well, i still have a few more people to interview. thanks for coming in. thanks. i'll let you know.
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oh, that's okay. i can find my way out. - so, how was she ? - great. finally ! congratulations. but i'm still looking. listen, katherine. tomorrow's your last day and we still don't have a waitress. i'm starting to believe i'm never going to be rid of you. i'm not sure i want you to. what are you talking about ? i know it sounds crazy, but i've gotten so used to being here. - i've even gotten used to you. - thank you ! you know how mr. brashov always talks about how we're like a family here ? well, it's true. it's been safe here. don't you ever get a little scared, rosa ? only when i think there's nothing to look forward to. i envy you, katherine.
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if i didn't believe that one day i'm going to take off this apron... and be in front of the counter, i don't know what i would do. besides, do you really believe i would put up with you... if i didn't think it was good experience ? rosa. i'm going to miss you. "free concert starring famous rock star" ? isn't that false advertising ? no way. i mean, what's the difference whether i'm famous now or three months from now ? if only you could be this excited when you're working. this is just the beginning, mr. brashov. i think we're all going to remember that this is the night that henry chang became a star. just be sure the star cleans up the cafe after the concert. come on, henry. the crowd's waiting. jimmy, you ready with the lights ? well, here we go. ♪ i feel the same
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♪ i feel the same ♪ the same, oh ♪ why don't you believe in me and why do you pretend to be ♪ ♪ something of philosophy and live a lost reality ♪ ♪ feeding on my energy waiting for the energy ♪ ♪ give me all the energy i'm down on my knees ♪ i'm really surprised you liked the music that much, mr. brashov. what ? i said i'm really surprised... you liked the music that much. what did you say ? never mind. well, thanks for the invitation. - i'm glad you could make it. - yes. you sounded good. - all right. - why don't you stop by the office tomorrow. - okay, i'll be there. - let's go. good job. we've got it. yes !
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i can't predict the future, and i dare say, neither can you. but we still talk about our plans as if they are going to happen. talking about plans is the focus of this episode's "word play."
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if we're not sure what is going to happen, we use the word "might." there is a distinct possibility that we might meet again. what do you think ? i don't get it. you told me last night that we sounded really good. no, i didn't say "really" good. i said "good." meaning what ? meaning, the difference between "really good" and "good"... is the difference between making it and-- not making it. i'm sorry, henry. so what do i do now ? keep playing music. write new songs. go to college. you've got to be kidding me.
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don't tell me you went to college. no. i dropped out. but i'll tell you something. it's the only decision i've ever regretted. yeah, right. i'm sure you regret all of the money and fame. no, not at all. music has been very good to me. what i regret is giving up... the chance to find out what else i might be capable of. well, there's a producer out there who will sign us, and one day you're going to wish it'd been you. i hope you're right. good luck to you. and this is jess. as long as you keep his cup filled with coffee, he's the nicest and easiest customer you'll ever meet. i think that was a compliment. it's nice to meet you. i'm sure you're going to do a great job. thank you very much. it was quite an effort just getting past initial inspection. no need to go into details. come on, marie, let me show you how the register works.
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hi, henry. let me introduce you to the new waitress. marie, this is henry-- busboy, delivery boy and future rock star. - hi, it's nice to meet you. - it's nice to meet you. - hey, henry. - hi, mr. washington. - heard you were a big hit last night. - yeah, well. thanks. - sorry i couldn't make it. - that's okay. well, victor, i was just about to give up on you. i'm sorry. it's just that there's always so much paperwork. i can't seem to catch up. how many times do i need to tell you ? slow down. leave a little time for the really important things. you mean, like our chess game ? exactly. thank you, katherine. i can't believe you're really leaving this place. me neither. i hope you and carol will be joining us for the going-away party tonight. i wouldn't miss it for the world. of course i do.
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it's just that jihan is not yet convinced we should go back to cairo. when do you fly back ? all right. i will call you soon. - what did i tell you, victor ? - not so quickly. you haven't won yet. oh. you'll have to excuse me, jess. - but it's your move. - this will only take a minute. so, what have you got for me today ? - rice, olive oil and tomato sauce. - ah. very good. thank you. see you next week. excuse me, mr. brashov. i'll be on vacation next week, so i've got to get your order now. oh. just a minute. i'm sorry, jess, but this is going to take a little longer than i thought. in that case, i'm going home. - but what about our game ? - no. we can play some other time. i'll tell you what. why don't we leave the board the way it is... and after the party tonight, we can finish. all right. it really shouldn't take me more than a few minutes to beat you.
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very funny. so who is going to win the game ? between you and me, i don't think i have a chance. mr. brashov, this is a wonderful party. i wish jess and carol were here. i think carol had to work late, but i'm sure they'll be here any minute. and besides, jess and i have our own business to attend to after the party. ah, the big game. smiles ! i don't want to make the decision. i want us to make the decision. i am just afraid that whatever decision we make, one of us is going to be unhappy. may i have everybody's attention, please ? i would like to take this opportunity... to thank katherine for all her hard work... at crossroads cafe...
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and to wish her the best of luck for the future. that's enough talk. let's open the presents ! okay. this one's from mr. and mrs. chang. "wishing you much success. we will miss you." thank you, both. that's very nice. can i help open it, mommy ? sure. it's beautiful. thank you. open mine ! open mine ! fine, rosa. which one is it ? oh ! i think i found it ! do i open it, or do i eat it ? - you look really funny, mom. - that's the idea !
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oh, i almost forgot. marie, this is for you. for me ? but i'm not going anywhere. i just started. - hello ? - it's a spanish dictionary. ah, carol ! finally ! i don't understand. you will when you try and figure out rosa's specials. what ? what did you say ? this is from mr. brashov. i hope it's not all the receipts i forgot to add up. - that was carol. - finally. jess was in an accident. is he all right ? he was driving home from the cleaners when a car hit him. jess died about an hour ago.
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crossroads cafe is a series that teaches english... to speakers of other languages. for more information, call toll-free:
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